2010 Fellowship: An ASEAN Community: Vision or Delusion?

fc2009The theme revolved around ASEAN’s direction to develop “One Community”, founded on, among other things, a new charter, aspirations for a common market, with more liberal trans-boundary labor movement, and even a push for a common understanding of human rights.

Fellows were encouraged to further review recent developments in ASEAN, including the passage of a new ASEAN Charter, the convening of an ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, the formation of an ASEAN Committe on Women and Children, and the initiatives for an ASEAN body that will look into matters of migration and labor. SEAPA explored the realities, challenges, promise, difficulties, politics, and economics of the very notion of an ASEAN Community with shared values, aspirations, and norms.

The 2010 Fellows

2010sujaneSujane Kanparit is a documentary writer for Sarakadee (Feature) Magazine since 2008. He compiled his documentaries from the historical perspective in order to build an understanding between Thais and ASEAN communities in the region. He graduated from Thammasat University in 2007. Since then, he has become a reporter for the documentary section of Manager Daily Newspaper published in Thai Language.

Article: History and Uncle Ho

2010heriyantoHeriyanto works for KBR68H (Radio News Agency KBR68H).in Indonesia. He says, “Adequate journalistic abilities are necessary in performing my duties as a journalist. Therefore, I gain new experiences as many as by this possible opportunity.”

Article: No Field of Dreams

2010melaniMelani Indra Hapsari is an Indonesia and current TV presenter and reporter of Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI Sumatera Utara), which is based in Medan of North Sumatera in Indonesia. She hosts dialogue and talk-show for news, as well as health and cultural programs. Earlier, she was a TV presenter with TVRI of Central Java from 2006-2011. Besides, she was a managing editor for GAIA Magazine from 2007-2011.

Before her TV presenter career, she was a radio broadcaster for 96.1 FEMALE Radio Semarang during 2004-2006. In early 2000, she was a program manager for 98.5 Gaya FM and a program director for 100.1 Wava Female News Radio.

She graduated in Master of Communication from Diponegoro University, Semarang. Also, she is a guest lecturer (Practitioner Lecturer) in Communication Studies, Social Sciences and Political Faculty, Diponegoro University, Semarang from 2004-2011. And, she contributed her lecture for the program of DIII Broadcasting and Informatics Engineering Faculty in Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang during 2010-2011.

Article: A Failed ‘Domestic’ Diplomacy

2010aung_zaw_minAung Zaw Min is a Burmese freelance news and documentary researcher and producer, and is working with international news channels, papers, radios and Production Company.

Article: Shadowing Burma

2010saw_yan_naingSaw Yan Naing is an ethnic Karen journalist from Burma, currently working as senior reporter at Thailand-based The Irrawaddy magazine, a leading Burmese news agency in exile. He left Burma in 1990 due to Burmese government offensive in his hometown in Karen State, eastern Burma. Since 2007, he has written news, features, in-depth articles, and news analysis for The Irrawaddy’s online website and print magazine nearly every day.

He has practiced journalism for six years, with a focus on reporting about human rights, press freedom, democracy, violence, and war in Burma. He likes traveling to the field and reporting news directly from the field.

He began his journalism career in 2004, when he received a chance to attend the first journalism training in Chiang Mai organized by The Irrawaddy. In 2005, he attended a journalism course at J-School in Chiang Mai organized by the Internews media agency, and from that point on he developed his reporting specialization in human and civil rights, democracy, freedom of expression and press freedom.

Article: A Tale of Two Countries

2010ryan_rosauroRyan Rosauro is a Filipino journalist based in the Southern Philippines. He studied Accountancy, and Conflict and Reconciliation Studies. He writes for the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Article: Gambling with the Generals

2010chinoChino Gaston is a TV journalist and news anchor in the Philippines and continues to cover conflict in the Southern Philippines. He is also a news safety trainer for the International News Safety Institute INSI and has given safety training in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

Articles: Countering TerrorismMusings of a Mujaheedin

Tatikarn Dechapong is a foreign affairs reporter for the Thai Rath newspaper in Bangkok. Preeyanart Panayangkura translated from the original Thai the stories on which this is based.

Article: Tempest Over a Temple

Kieu Thi Ngoc Lan is based in Hanoi, where since 2002 she has worked as a full-time journalist for major newspapers such as the online VnExpress, Rural Today, Thanh Nien Daily, as well as the Vietnam News Agency.

Article: Virtual Reality Bites

Nyein Nyein Naing is a reporter of 7 Days news journal in Rangoon.

Artilce: What Women Want

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