2005 Fellowship: Covering Disasters in Southeast Asia

Disasters in Southeast Asia: Stories of Struggle, Resilience, Greed

The 2005 Journalism Fellowship theme takes off from the devastating tsunami that started 2005 off on a somber note, but precisely strives to transcend that very story. Covering disasters has to go beyond the specific moment and extent of the disaster, it should uncover the grim realities and concerns that impact on the culture, society, governance, environment, communities, and individual lives. Southeast Asia is not only vulnerable to natural disasters, it is also beset with man-made calamities. To what extent are governments prepared to face these tragedies and how to people adopt and adapt to the changing situations? The fellowship encourages journalists to ask these questions and to further examine the aftermath through the eyes of the individuals who suffer these tragedies but who are not necessarily willing to be victims.

The 2005 Fellows

Murizal Hamzah is a correspondent of Sinar Harapan Daily in Indonesia. He is based in Banda Aceh.

Article: Learning Lessons from the Tsunami

Raffy Tima, Jr. is a producer/reporter from the GMA Network, a television station in the Philippines.

Articles: Lessons from History‘Mad’ Scientist Gets Belated Recognition

Devid Rajah is from the Malaysia newspaper, The Star, based in Kuala Lumpur.

Article: Fighting to Keep their Land

Tint Zar Maw is a reporter from the Oslo-based Democratic Voice of Burma.

Article: The Tsunami’s Invisible Victims

Tess Bacalla is a freelance journalist from the Philippines based in Manila.

Article: Women Tough It Out in Post-Disaster Situations

Ye Naing Moe is chief editor of Beauty Magazine in Rangoon.

Article: A Disaster after Another

Reido Panaligan is a writer from Balikas, a weekly newspaper focusing on environment issues in Southern Luzon, in the Philippines.

Articles: Another tragedy in Aceh: Illegal logging; In the Claws of DisasterTimber a prime commodity after tsunami

Phan Chien Thang is a reporter from Lao Dong, a daily newspaper based in Hanoi.

Article: Some Good from the Tsunami in Aceh

Pongpol Sarnsamak is a reporter from Krungthep Thurakij newspaper, of the Nation Group in Bangkok.

Articles: Burning Indonesia’s forestsOne by one, Jakarta’s thousand islands disappearing

Adeline M. Tumenggung is an Indonesian freelance writer based in Jakarta.

Article: Rocky Road to Recovery

Saranyoo Samakrathgit is a reporter from the Thai News Agency in Bangkok

Articles: Return of the NativesLiving with Calamities

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